How to drive in Australia’s car belt

Australia’s controversial car belt has been criticised for having “too much zippers”, but there are plenty of ways you can get around it.

Key points:The car belt is designed to protect motorists from collisions and car crashesThe belt is being rolled out across the countryThe National Highway Traffic Safety Authority says it’s a first step to reducing car crashes in AustraliaThe National Road Safety Authority is launching an awareness campaign about the belt after it was introduced in the States.

It says it will be rolled out in Victoria, South Australia and Queensland in the coming weeks.

It’s a welcome change from the US where drivers were required to use a helmet when crossing the US-Canada border.

“We have a large American population in Australia, and we have the highest rates of traffic deaths in the world,” National Highway Safety Authority director David Cunliffe told the ABC.

“The car was the most common mode of transportation for us.”

The US car belt consists of two zippered compartments, one for each side of the vehicle.

It has been popular in recent years, but it’s only recently that Australia has rolled out the system.

“It’s very difficult to fit in the zippers of a car without getting zipped up, which means you have to get a lot of zippers,” Mr Cunmiffe said.

“And the zippers are really not well suited to the environment of a bicycle or a skateboard or a rollerblades.”

A motorist will need to use both the zipper and the side of their vehicle to get around the belt, and it is designed so that it will not catch on fire.

It also features a locking system that can be used to prevent someone from accidentally zipping up and falling out.

The belt also comes with a belt bag that can hold items like a phone or keys, and is meant to be used as a tool in case of a collision.

But it’s not just cyclists who will need a helmet.

The belt is also meant to protect pedestrians and other road users from collisions.

“People need to be aware of the safety hazards associated with the belt,” Mr Furlong said.

The NSTA says that since its introduction in 2016, there have been more than 1,000 pedestrian and cyclist fatalities.

“Our road safety program works in partnership with many organisations including the Australian Transport Safety Bureau and the NSW Roads and Maritime Services, which together represent more than a third of all accidents on Australian roads,” the organisation said.

But the National Road Traffic Safety Agency says there is currently a lack of evidence that the belt is a successful means of preventing collisions and road crashes.

“There are no evidence that it reduces the likelihood of a crash or crashes,” the agency’s director David Furlough said.”[The belt] is an important safety feature for all road users and we believe it will play a role in reducing fatalities and injuries.”

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