I have an interesting question for the Mexican belt

FourFourSeconds ago, we revealed that UFC welterweight champion Chris Weidman was the only athlete to have defeated a champion in the UFC, beating Tito Ortiz at UFC on FOX 11 in 2015.

But the sport’s first champion was a man who didn’t even hold a belt.

Chris Weidmann.

That was the story of the night, and it was the one that dominated the UFC on Fox 11 coverage in Las Vegas.

The fight was a little bit different, however, because Chris Weismann was a UFC champion in his native Brazil, a country where he’d won a gold medal in judo and had an Olympic silver medal in taekwondo.

And we also mentioned that he’d also competed in the Olympics.

Wei was just one of many fighters who’d made the leap to the UFC from Brazil.

That was part of the reason Weidmans story became a bigger deal than his win over Ortiz.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world has been an important part of Weidmania, as he’d become one of the most famous competitors in the sport.

He was a five-time Brazilian BJJ black belt, and the UFC even named him as one of their three finalists for the UFC Light Heavyweight title.

While he was the reigning UFC Lightweight champion, Weid did have a little something extra to his game.

He’d already won a couple of UFC belts, but he wasn’t just a one-time champion.

Weidman had been in the cage a few times, and he’d beaten many top-level MMA fighters in the process.

But this fight, he was on the same level as the best in the world.

We did a quick search of the UFC’s records, and we found that Weid had been on the receiving end of some of the best grappling in the history of the sport, but had yet to beat a UFC championship belt.

We checked out the records of other fighters, and Weid wasn’t even the best grappler in the game.

In fact, Weids best performance had come against a former champion in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Ronaldo Souza.

Souza had been one of Weis greatest challenges in the years prior to the fight, and they’d come from two different grappling schools.

Weid’s record against Souza was 2-3.

So how did he beat the Brazilian in a fight that was just as close as they come?

Weid had a few different options going into the fight.

He could have focused on punching Souza in the face.

Or he could have moved his hands in the air, hoping to catch him with an elbow or something similar.

He probably had the option of both.

Instead, Weis went with what he knew was the most natural option.

He started off the fight in his usual dominant position, as a big man who could just overwhelm Souza with power.

But Weid quickly found himself caught up in Souzas defensive guard.

This is a common tactic in Brazilian jiu jitsu, and many top fighters in this sport use it as part of their game plan.

They begin their attacks by trying to isolate the other guy, forcing him to defend, and then they switch gears to attack the opponent from behind.

Weis found himself in the position where he had to attack Souza while being caught up with Souza’s guard, and his guard was weak.

This allowed Weid to slip out and grab Souza, who was helpless.

We have to point out, though, that this was not the first time Weis had used this move.

In 2016, Weiz did a similar thing to Souza against fellow UFC bantamweight contender Josh Koscheck.

In both instances, he tried to use the same move against Koscheck, only this time he landed a more devastating strike than he had in his previous two fights.

In the end, we have to say that Weis’ decision to stay in his familiar position for the first half of the fight was the correct one, but it was a mistake we can’t make for any other fighter.

He should have switched back and moved in to try and finish the fight as soon as possible.

In all, Weisl had a hard fight.

His best effort was a big step up from his first two UFC appearances, and while he was able to win this fight by knocking out the Brazilian, we can see how he struggled against the other fighters who had been knocked down by Weis earlier.

He did, however:Weis would go on to win the UFC title, becoming the first fighter to do so in four years.

The fact that he beat Souza wasn’t the only reason Weis earned the title, but his performance at UFC 10 in December of last year was.

We still don’t know how Weis actually felt after the fight; his coach was quoted as saying that he was “angry, confused and sad.”

We think that’s more than enough reason to think that he

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