Serpentine Belt Costumes Costumes: A Look Back at 2017’s Serpentine Costumes

Serpentine belt revival is back in style with the latest season of Serpentine, and the newest Serpentine costume is the red belt.

It’s a pretty cool costume, especially if you have the red pants, which I did.

The red pants look awesome in person.

There are three versions of the red belts: the blue, purple, and green versions, and there are also two colors of red belt with the white belt.

The blue belt features the symbol of the Dragon and is the most popular and iconic.

The purple belt is one of the more popular versions, with the emblem of the Black Dragon, which is another very popular belt.

There’s also a green version of the belt that looks like a dragon with a pair of horns on it.

The last version of this belt is the gold and blue version.

This one is a bit rare, but you can still find it at some places.

It has the symbol for the Dragon, and is pretty cool.

The best thing about the red is that it’s the only one that can be worn with the belt.

The red belt is so cool that I decided to make a red cape for it.

I’ve already made one before, and it was really fun to make.

I used fabric scraps from a vintage dress and some fabric from a bag I kept in my closet.

I cut it into a small rectangle, which fits over my shoulder and over my waist.

I taped it with a string, and then cut a loop through the string.

Then I sewed the end of the loop to the outside of the costume, which was then taped to the bottom of the cape.

This was a fun project.

I think it’s a little too long to be worn in a regular costume, so I made a small version.

The cape is really cute.

I really like the way it came out.

The first time I put it on, I thought it was going to be too long, but it’s actually really tight.

The only way I could get it on in real life was to sew a long piece of tape through the fabric.

The two pieces were about the same length, and I had to make sure I had enough space to put the cape over my shoulders and then my waist so it didn’t hang out.

There are also some special costumes, like a Dragon’s Hat, which have a special ring on the front.

It had a Dragon crest on it, so it looked like a real dragon.

It also had a pair on the back of it, which had a large crest that looked like an owl.

The dragon on the hat was from a real-life dragon, which it looked exactly like, and had a dragon tail.

I was surprised by how much it cost me to make, and honestly, I’m not sure I’d wear it in real-world situations.

I just wanted it to look like a costume.

I’m glad I did because I love the red and purple belts, and they’re so fun to wear.

I got my hands on a few red belt costumes for Halloween.

I got a red belt from a Halloween costume shop.

The cost was $80, and you get two of them.

The other two I got from a costume shop were the red costume and a red costume with a red dragon.

The costume shop had the blue belt, and one of them was an orange belt.

I can’t wait to wear both of them in reallife.

If you want to see the new Serpentine season, you can find it on Hulu.

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