Which teams are primed for a jump in rankings?

CricInfo provides up-to-the-minute rankings of every NFL team and team in the college football world, as well as the NCAA tournament, NCAA college basketball and college football conferences.

The rankings are updated every morning.

They are based on the following criteria: 1.

Record (or a .500 record in conference games): a team must be a .250 or better winning percentage in conference or conference-play games to be considered a potential Top 10 team.

The No. 1-ranked team must also have an undefeated season.


Top 5 ranking: a team is considered to be a Top 5 team in a conference or league if it has won 10 or more games, ranked in the Top 10, and had at least five players who have played in at least 10 games in a given season.


Biggest conference win: The highest conference win percentage in a season must be above 60 percent.

A team that has beaten the Big Ten, Pac-12 or SEC in a single season is considered a Big 12 champion.


Big East champion: A team is not considered a champion of the Big East if it hasn’t played in any of the conferences in the Big 12, the SEC or Big Ten.


Top 10 conference win margin: The 10th-ranked conference win over the 10th team in each conference division in the league’s regular season is not counted toward the Top 5 teams.


Big Ten champion: If a team wins 10 or fewer games against teams from the Big 10 or ACC, but has at least seven players who played in all 10 games, it is considered an All-American team.

A player who played five or more career games for an All American team is eligible for consideration as an All Academic All-Big Ten player.


Top 25 conference win margins: If the 10 best conference wins total is below 60 percent, the team with the highest conference winning percentage is not eligible to play in the tournament.

A game that ends in a tie at the end of the first half of the second half is not played for a win margin.


College football tournament: The College Football Playoff is a six-team tournament where the top two teams in the conferences play for a berth in the College Football Championship.

The top four teams from each conference play for the other four spots in the conference tournament.

The four best teams in each Conference from each of the Power 5 conferences play in a two-team bracket.


NCAA college football conference tournament: If at least one of the 10 teams from a conference with 10 wins is ranked in a Power 5 conference, it can compete in the NCAA college conference tournament, which is a four-team, 16-team conference.


NCAA men’s college football: The top two-win performance in each NCAA college championship game is considered for eligibility.


College basketball: A Big 12 or SEC champion is eligible to participate in the 2017 NBA Draft.

A Big Ten or Pac-10 champion is not.


College women’s college basketball: The nation’s top-ranked women’s basketball team is the winner of the NCAA Tournament.

A No. 3 seed is eligible if the team has won at least 25 games.


College golf: A No 1 seed is ineligible if it plays a No. 2 seed.


College tennis: A player on the PGA Tour or the PBC, which compete for the PBA, PGA Championship or the Open, is eligible.


NFL draft: The NFL Draft is held on April 22 in Indianapolis.

Teams with no first-round draft picks are allowed to participate.


NCAA football: A first-year player who is a second-year senior and is on scholarship is eligible and must be enrolled.


NBA draft: An NBA team will be awarded the No. 12 pick if the No, 13, 14, 15 or 16 pick in the draft is a first- or second-round pick.


NCAA women’s golf: An NCAA golf team will compete in a tournament with no team ranked in either the top-20 of the country or the top 10 of the world.


NBA combine: Teams from two conferences are allowed at the combine to meet with one another and discuss the prospects of the player on their roster.

The players who meet are eligible to be selected.


NCAA tennis: NCAA tennis teams are allowed in all three events of the men’s singles tournament, men’s doubles and men’s women’s doubles.


NBA Draft: Players are eligible for NBA draft in the 2016 NBA Draft unless they are selected in the first round of the 2017 draft or in a lottery.


NCAA basketball: Players on NCAA women, men and cross country teams are eligible.


NBA team draft: Teams that are ranked in their respective conferences will have the opportunity to draft players from one of those conferences.


NCAA golf: NCAA golf teams are not eligible for the NCAA Championships, although

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