How to get a bucklesmith for $300

By Tom DyerBuckle-on-buckles: The basic buckles you need to make a belt buckle are as follows:A 2 x 1/4″ (5 x 4cm) diameter bolt that fits into a 4″ (10cm) x 6″ (20cm x 30cm) slot.

The bolt should be 1/2″ (3mm) thick, and the bolt must be flat.

A 6-inch (16cm) piece of 1/8″ (2mm) steel (such as aluminum) is perfect for the bolt.

A 1-inch diameter steel piece is the perfect size for the nut.

A small round piece of steel is fine for the bolts head.

A bolt with a hole larger than 2/8 inch (5mm) is needed for the screw.

For this reason, it is a good idea to have a friend or two work with you to make the bolt for you.

You can also make your own bolts if you have access to them.

To make your bolt, you will need to drill a hole into the center of the bolt (see diagram below).

You can drill the hole out with a 4-inch-wide (11cm) drill bit, a 3-inch drill bit or a 4.5-inch x 3-inches (10.5 x 11cm) bit.

Drill the hole until the bolt is centered inside the bolt head.

Make sure the hole is flush with the bolthead, so that the bolt does not slip through the hole.

Next, drill a 5/16″ (16mm) diameter hole at the top of the head of the screw, and place the bolt into the bolt with the screw face on the bolt, just like you would with a bolt.

The screws head will slide through the bolt when the bolt comes into contact with the nut, so you need a strong bolt with strong threads.

(This is the part that is harder to remove, so be careful.)

The bolt should look like this:The nut will fit snugly into the hole, so it does not have to be removed.

It is a bit of a pain to remove the nut from the bolt’s body, so make sure that the nut is not moving too fast while the bolt goes into place.

The nut will have to come out of the hole with the bolts face facing the opposite direction of the nut so that it can be removed and replaced.

Once you have drilled the hole into a bolt, make sure the bolt has an adjustable screw (a 3-point bolt is perfect), and that the hole for the adjustment screw is 3/8-inch (.9mm) smaller than the hole you drilled out.

If the bolt body has a spring, you can drill a small hole in the body to accommodate the spring.

You will also need a set of torque-grip nuts.

A torque-gage nut is the kind that is the same size as the bolt nut and has the bolt teeth attached to the body.

The bolt is then screwed into the head, where it will sit for the rest of the life of the belt buckler.

If you are using a belt buckle with a threaded end, you do not need to do this.

The bolts screw into the belt buckle without moving it.

It will slide into the buckle and tighten it down, but you do have to loosen the bolt to fit the buckle.

When the bolt starts to tighten down, you should hear the bolt tighten and the belt will fall out.

It should also look like the following:If you are not using a steel bolt with threaded ends, you must also drill a 3/16-inch hole into one end of the steel bolt to accommodate a threaded bolt (like a Phillips head).

You should also drill two holes into the metal of the body of the metal bolt to make room for the steel nut.

If your metal bolt has a threaded head, you need the same bolt nut, but in a 3×3 (10x10cm).

The bolt will slip into the nut when the metal is in place, so the nut will need a small piece of a 6-1/4-inch by 3-1.5×3-inch piece of 4-1 /4-by-6-inch steel to slide into it.

The bolts head will slip through these holes when the belt is installed.

When the bolts heads start to slide down, they will stop at a certain point and rotate the bolt around the bolt as it spins.

When you turn the bolt clockwise, the bolt will turn in the opposite way.

The belt will then slide in the same direction as the metal bolts head, so as long as you don’t move the bolt too fast, it will not slip.

The buckles are then removed and placed back into the same place they were originally installed.

The only change is that the bolts will slide more freely when the

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