New dior design: A pair of belt bags from the couture house that are meant to hold your designer clothes

Dior, one of the most influential designers of the 20th century, has introduced its new belt bags, the “dior belt.”

The bags, made from a blend of fabric and leather, can hold the designer’s designer clothes or even an ordinary pair of jeans, the brand says.

They’re the latest additions to the designer belt range.

Dior’s new collection includes a pair of new bag designs from its couture department.

The new bag, the Dior belt, has a “stretchy” shoulder strap that holds a designer’s clothes, while the new belt bag has a more “durable” shoulder-strap design.

Diol’s designers are taking inspiration from couture, so the new belts have a slightly “feminine” feel to them, the company said.

Diors couture designer, Anna Dior-Valle, said in a statement that her aim with the new designs was to be more creative than the current design of the “strap” style of the belts.

“The new design takes a modern twist on the strap, combining the classic design with a softer and more feminine fabric and stitching, in a way that makes them feel like a true couture bag,” she said.

It’s an evolution of the classic designer belt bag design.” “

Our designers are really excited to introduce this new design.

It’s an evolution of the classic designer belt bag design.”

The new designs were unveiled on Friday, May 19, at Dior fashion shows, including Dior Paris Fashion Week, which is expected to open later this month.

Dio, a French brand that has been around for more than 150 years, has been at the forefront of fashion trends for the past 25 years.

It started out with a line of high-fashion dresses and eventually expanded to fashion-conscious accessories, jewelry and watches, which have been popular for years.

DIO has been seen on many high-profile campaigns, including the 2014 U.S. election and in 2016, the 2016 Oscars.

The brand has also launched fashion-focused lines in recent years, including in the U.K. The DIO belt is meant to be a complete wardrobe accessory.

The bags are expected to be available in a variety of sizes, but the company is focusing on the size of the bag that holds your clothes.

It has not revealed pricing, but it is expected that the new bag will be available for $200 and that the cost will depend on the material and finish of the leather.

The company has previously said that it is working on a new line of designer belts, but did not reveal any specifics.

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