What is the true religion belt?

With the world’s attention focused on the Paris terror attacks, many men are starting to realise that a belt that covers their crotch could be the most important thing they have ever bought.

The true religion belts have become a huge phenomenon, with men from every religious denomination now looking to have one.

While the belts can come in many shapes and colours, the most popular are those with holes in them, as shown in the video above.

“People are really starting to think of them as something important, something that needs to be covered,” said Richard Jones, the chief executive of the National Secular Society.

Mr Jones says men are not just interested in the fact they can protect themselves from criminals but also in what it will mean for their relationships.

“They want to know how they will feel if they have to wear a belt for their marriage, if they need to wear it for a family event,” he said.

“What will it mean for them if they go to a restaurant and a woman in a business suit comes up to them and asks them for a cup of coffee?”

The men are also worried about the effects of wearing a belt on the health of their penis, which can lead to erectile dysfunction, according to the National Health and Medical Research Council.

“The health of the penis has been recognised as a very important issue and it is something that we have been very concerned about,” said Dr Daniel Vickers, of the British American Medical Association.

“If we have a problem with the erection of a penis, that is a very serious problem and that is why a lot of the research into this has been focused on penis health.”

Mr Jones said the belts had been a “very exciting time” for men, but it was time to move on.

He said many men were reluctant to change their minds, saying the true believers were not as influential as the media.

“People in the public eye tend to believe what they want to believe and the media and the politicians are not going to go for that, so I think the pendulum is swinging very quickly away from them,” he told the ABC.

But Dr Vickers said men had a “right to protect their penis” and he was concerned that the media was failing to do its job.

“We’ve got to get out there and educate people on what a true religion is,” he added.

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