What to expect at the New York wedding dress parade

WEDDING DANCE PARADE PARADE (CBS News) — The wedding dress race will begin with the parade of the bride, groom, and all their guests to the New Jersey Statehouse on Friday.

The parade is the largest parade in the country.

The first 50,000 brides will be in the Statehouse to welcome the bride and her family to the statehouse.

The groom and bride’s family will then head to the State Capitol to deliver the State House seal to the Governor, Senate President Thomas V. Mike Miller.

The wedding ceremony will take place on the StateHouse lawn at 2 p.m.

Friday, Feb. 7, at State House Plaza in Trenton.

The Governor, the Governor’s wife, the groom’s wife and all of their guests will march through the streets of Trenton and across the Delaware River to the capitol building, then turn around and head back to the hotel where the ceremony will be held.

The procession will end at the State Senate in Trentons Convention Center at 5 p.g.

The State House is the only venue in the United States where a married couple can be married at the same time.

This year’s festivities include a ceremony on the steps of the State house with the Governor and Governor’s family, then a reception at the Governor mansion for guests.

It is also the first time in the past 50 years that a married pair can walk the steps together at a ceremony.

The celebration is held at the Capitol grounds, where the Governor will give his State of the Union address.

The ceremony is followed by a banquet for the Governor at the home of his family.

The state’s Governor will then lead a celebration in the state Capitol with the President of the United State, the Speaker of the House, and the Speaker’s wife.

The festivities culminate with a reception for the President at the White House.

The President is expected to address the nation on the celebration at 1 p.t.

Later that night, the ceremony and reception for Governor’s wives and their families will take a short break in the Capitol rotunda.

The Mayor of Trentons and the State Assembly will also be present.

A special reception is planned for the governor’s wife at her home in Trentonne.

The New Jersey state capitol is located at 17 Morris Street.

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