WWE: WWE ‘Superstar’ Jericho ‘not on board’ for ‘Bounty Hunter’ role

Jericho, the WWE Superstar, has reportedly been told he is not part of the Bounty Hunter movie.

The actor, who has been a regular in the cast since the mid-2000s, is the main villain of the film, which is expected to open on July 11.

The Hollywood Reporter says the announcement came from an unidentified source, adding that the film is “in limbo”.

“Jericho is not on board with this,” the source said, adding, “WWE and Paramount are trying to convince him that they are the only ones who will be interested in his role.”

In addition, sources say Jericho is not currently in the mix for the role of the bounty hunter.

“Jersey is not a part of this movie.

It’s not the right fit,” the unnamed source said.

“The producers and producers are trying all the time to get him.”

The film is expected in the same time frame as The Hunt for the Wilderpeople, the upcoming British crime drama.

“Bounty Hunters” was originally planned for a 2015 release, but was shelved because of the violent film.

“They said that they were not sure if they wanted to make it,” a source told the publication.

“So they gave up and then they put it in the hands of an unknown director.

Jericho is one of the stars of the upcoming comedy series, which has been picked up for a second season. “

It was never going to happen.”

Jericho is one of the stars of the upcoming comedy series, which has been picked up for a second season.

He is also the voice of the character in the upcoming Disney movie The Jungle Book.

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