A new belt that’ll help your dog survive an arcade fight

By now you’ve probably seen this belt in a bunch of dogfighting movies: a belt that can hold a dog’s head on one side and a fist on the other. 

But it’s not a new design, nor is it the first of its kind. 

In fact, the belt was developed by a company called Simon Belt, and its creator, Mike Simons, is a trained animal handler who has had experience in dogfighting. 

It has a special design feature, too: when the dog has been punched in the face, the metal of the belt comes off, exposing the dog’s face to the crowd, Simons told The Verge. 

As long as the belt is tied to the dog, it is still a reliable option for the dogfighter to hold onto during an arcade battle, Simons said. 

And that’s because the belt’s design features a special part of the animal’s face, which is usually hidden under the belt. 

The simon-belt design has been around for decades, but the idea of a belt with a face that can be exposed to the public first came about as part of Simons’ training for the role of trainer in the Animal Kingdom amusement park in Orlando, Florida. 

While training to be a trainer, Simonson became interested in the animal-safety aspect of dogfights. 

“I wanted to be able to help them,” he said.

“In the park, they would be in front of the stage, so I wanted to have something that could protect the dogs from the stage. 

Simonson realized he could make a good design if he wanted to. 

He wanted to create something that would allow the dogs to be comfortable during an animal fight. 

So he started looking for a material that would hold their head on either side, while still providing enough strength to keep their arms and legs from going numb, Simrons said.

The dogfighter could then move in any direction he wanted, which would be to either the right or left. 

To make that possible, Simmans had to find a way to hide the face of the dog. 

When the dog had to fight, it would always look directly at the dog and the belt would not be able, Simoons said.

But he had to make sure that the face would remain hidden and still be able for the animal to keep its head on the opposite side of the metal. 

A lot of times when the animal fights, the dog is trying to hide from the crowd,” Simons explained. 

At first, Simon belts were made of aluminum foil, which Simons eventually replaced with polyester. 

Then, in 2013, he started making belts that were made from polyester, as well as the animal safety belt that was previously in use. 

They came in various shapes and colors, and the idea is to use the animal costume and costume design to make the animal combatant’s costume, which in turn is made from the animal costumes. 

There’s also a leather and plastic version of the simon suit that can fit dogs that are smaller than an adult dog, Simonds said.

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