How to make the perfect tummy tuck for the perfect man

India is a country where the waistline is often seen as an ideal spot for men to trim.

So, why does this belt, which was first introduced by the Indian Army in 1945, still hold a special place in our hearts?

According to Dr. Manoj Datta, the head of a private hospital in New Delhi, the tummy-tuck belt has long been seen as a symbol of the dignity of the Indian soldier and the strength of the country’s men.

“It has a rich history and was adopted by all branches of the armed forces from the time of the colonial era to the present day,” Datta told Al Jazeera.

“The Indian Army had a uniformed version of this belt for almost 40 years, with a variety of colours, and it still holds the same popularity.”

Datta said the belt was first worn by a group of soldiers in the 1920s and was worn by some of the finest soldiers of the day.

“When it was first made, there were no pants in the army, and no one was allowed to wear a belt,” he said.

“The soldiers of that era were very proud of their physical strength and wore it proudly.”

Dattas tummy belt has a range of designs, including a striped one, a striped belt, a white belt and a pink belt, and was originally meant for the men of the army and officers, who were considered the most disciplined and hard-working soldiers.

However, the soldiers of World War II, and especially the men from the Hindu Kush region, were considered less physically robust, and were therefore not able to wear this belt.

“That was one of the reasons that they chose to keep it a secret until 1945,” Dattas friend and colleague, Arvind Sengupta, said.

The first time I saw this belt on display in India, I thought it was the best belt I had ever seen.

It was a very unique design and I thought the only way to make it look good was to have a belt that was worn under a suit, like a tunic or a shirt, he said, adding that the Indian army had an excellent understanding of its wearer’s physique.

However Dattapas personal favourite is the pink belt.

“It is a bit of a stretch, but I love it,” he added.

“There are many people who like pink, and I like the idea of a belt worn under clothes,” said Dattasa.

“There are some guys who are not so into pink, but the idea that you can wear pink, is the only thing that I can see in a man.”

However, despite the many colours and designs, the original idea behind the belt is not the same for everyone.

Dattasa said the original thought behind the tumpy-tootie belt was that the wearer would look more masculine.

“For the men in the Hindu tradition, the belt would give them a better look, so they felt it was better for them to wear it,” Dassas friend, Ravi, said, explaining that the first version of the tumpee-totter belt was designed for the soldiers in India who were not considered strong enough to wear pants.

“When the Army started to take on more and more recruits from other countries, they started to give them pants,” Ravi said.

“I think the soldiers felt that they had to give their men the best look, and so they wanted the belt to be a special item for them,” Datto added.

But despite the fact that it is one of India’s most popular men’s items, the waistband is not always the first item that soldiers wear.

“If the belt doesn’t look good, it is because they have not put in the work, Datta said.

Dattasha also said the waist belt was not necessarily meant for women.”

In fact, the army did not like to wear the tumpie-tote belt because it was so heavy, which is why there are still lots of women who wear it, and wear the pants,” Datsas friend said.

However a lot of soldiers who are from the Indian subcontinent have adopted the belt, Dattassas personal friend said, citing the fact the Indian military uses the belt in their training exercises, where the soldiers are required to sit on the waist of their troops and perform a certain task, such as a certain distance, before being brought back to the front line.”

Most of our men, especially the Indian soldiers, are not in any way interested in wearing the tumpi-toter belt,” Datti added.

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