Which is better for Middle East peace?

A man in a red kilt with a pink sash and a pink hat has come out in favour of a pinkish blue belt.

The pink belt, a popular alternative to the traditional blue, is considered more traditional and therefore more patriotic and has been popular with Israeli soldiers in the past.

The red belt is also more traditionally worn by Israeli soldiers, especially those fighting in the Gaza Strip.

But for the first time in Israeli history, a white belt was proposed.

The idea was born after a soldier of the same nationality, the soldier who was killed in the 2014 shooting of a Palestinian child in the West Bank, complained about the color of the belt he wore.

The soldier told Channel 2 that he was wearing the belt because it is a symbol of unity with his country and to show solidarity with the Palestinian people, according to Haaretz.

The soldiers said they wanted the blue belt to represent a symbol that Israel has shown through its past actions, including its use of military force in Gaza.

The blue belt is a popular choice for the Israeli army, who have worn it for decades and it has been seen as a symbol to support the country.

According to Channel 2, the soldiers also wanted to show their patriotism and the importance of the blue to the country, with one soldier describing it as “the color of unity”.

The man’s opinion was backed by Channel 2’s Shlomi Wertheimer, who said it is an important symbol to show support for Israel and the Israeli soldier.

She said the soldier’s opinion shows that there is an interest among the Israeli public in wearing blue in support of Israel, and also shows that people of different ethnicities in Israel, especially in the occupied territories, wear blue.

She added that the idea of wearing the blue is a reflection of the state of Israel.

The uniform for Israeli soldiers is black, but for the blue and red belts, the colours are pink and yellow, with the white and black belts having the traditional colors of the Israel Defence Forces.

The military said the colour was chosen to reflect the Israeli soldiers’ pride in Israel’s past.

In a statement, the army said it would not allow anyone to wear the blue or the red belt because of its perceived racial implications.

It said that the uniform is designed to symbolize the loyalty and loyalty to the Israeli people and to the state and its flag.

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