Burberry, Banana Republic and Banana Republic offer women new clothes


— A new crop of women’s apparel has been unveiled by Burberry and Banana Japan, as the brands look to expand their online presence amid the Zika pandemic.

In a promotional video posted Monday, the brands showed off new designs in collaboration with local health care workers and their families, with Burberry calling the new “burberry” and Banana the “banana.”

“We know that women are at risk of becoming infected with Zika, and we are committed to working together to make sure that women who wear Burberry wear the right clothing, that women wear the Burberry that is right for them,” the Burberries said in the video.

“For this year, we are offering a brand-new women’s collection of our own design, which will be available for women and men who have been tested for Zika and who are pregnant or who have had a baby born with Zika.”

The videos show Burberry employees wearing black jackets, white pants and matching white gloves.

Banana Republic is showing off a new color palette and is offering its own line of women-friendly accessories.

The brands are targeting women who may not be familiar with the brands, the women’s health experts say.

This is a new era for Burberry.

The Burberry women’s range is a step forward in terms of bringing quality women’s clothing to people who may be unaware of Burberry’s range of products.” “

But in the current climate of global crisis and pandemic, the brand has been able to look beyond its own brands and into the global community.

The Burberry women’s range is a step forward in terms of bringing quality women’s clothing to people who may be unaware of Burberry’s range of products.”

Banana Republic says its products are more affordable, better-made and less bulky than its competitors, and that the new Burberry collection is made with love and care.

Bubba says it is committed to developing women’s care, fashion and wellness.

Both Burberry Japan and Banana are offering discounts to consumers on their products in their respective markets.

To celebrate the launch of the Burley brand, Burberry has launched a limited-edition “Buckaroo” pin set for its own brand.

It will be released in stores on Sept. 3.

Read more about the Zika outbreak in Brazil and the Buries.

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