Trump: ‘A lot of the stuff that was said about me is false’

Donald Trump on Monday said his campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, and former campaign manager Corey Lewan were “bizarrely” treated by the media.

Trump made the comments in a series of tweets following an interview on Fox News, during which Lewandowski accused reporters of being “the biggest, most biased and biased media in America.”

Trump was asked if he believed the media was “the most biased” in America, to which Lewan replied “probably not.”

“A lot if it’s the most biased, the most dishonest media in the world,” Trump said.

“It’s so dishonest.

It’s so vicious.””

If the media wanted to say a lot of things, they should have been very aggressive,” Trump added.

“Instead they treated us with such respect, I mean, it was a bizarre thing to have happen.”

Trump’s remarks came as he announced his nomination for U.S. President, with the candidate citing a “big, fat” debt to his father, who ran the Trump Organization.

The comments were made after Trump and Lewandowski were questioned by Fox News’ Bret Baier and Sean Hannity about their treatment by the news media.

“The media is the enemy,” Trump told Baier.

“And they’re not doing a very good job.”

“I don’t think they’re very fair,” Trump continued.

“They’re not even doing a good job.

They’re the enemy.

They are the enemy of the American people.””

They’re the worst of the worst,” Trump argued.

“I’ll tell you one thing, the media is very, very biased.”

“When I’m talking to them, it’s like a little TV show,” he said.

Trump has repeatedly claimed that he has not received a favorable rating from the media, despite a 2016 NBC/Wall Street Journal poll showing him at a record high rating.

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