When Is The Groove Life Belt Made?

Three years ago, I bought a pair of mesh belt loops, and then one week ago, the first one of the many pairs of mesh loops that were to be made by a local tailor in my town was made.

It was made by my favourite tailor, and I have been able to wear it for a few days, despite the fact that it was made with a belt that is made out of plastic. 

The mesh loops are made from PVC-like materials, which is why they are very comfortable, and also the reason why they look so much nicer than the mesh loops used in traditional leather belts.

The problem with the mesh loop is that they are made with plastic and therefore have a lot of plastic in them. 

This is something that the designers of the mesh belt do not like. 

Instead, the designers have designed mesh loops to be more like a belt, where they are a bit more flexible, and can be worn on a belt belt without much discomfort. 

A mesh loop has the advantage of being more flexible and less rigid, but it also has the disadvantage of being a bit thicker, and is also more expensive. 

In a recent interview, I had the opportunity to meet with one of the designers of  the  new mesh belt,  Todas and Associates,  who told me that the company was making a version of the Mesh Loop that would be made out of bamboo, which, in its natural habitat, is very light and flexible, making it more suitable for the kinds of boutique and professional clothes that the mesh loop can be worn with. 

As a bonus, they also told me they were looking into creating a version that would also be suitable for women’s waistbands, because the mesh will be easier to wear on women’s wrists. 

I hope that this is a step towards changing the fashion of mesh belts and the way they are worn in the future, but I would also like to point out that it is not an official announcement, and this is just a guess at this point. 

All images copyright  FourFourSeconds

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