How to choose a men’s wallet March 02 2014

How to choose a men’s wallet

We all know that most men do not replace a wallet often, so you must pay attention while choosing a wallet that would match your desire and needs. 

Most men want a small wallet, but they have many credit cards. In such cases we recommend two possible solutions: one is of course to reduce the amount of cards in your wallet, and not to keep things that are not needed (and we all keep things that we do not need).

If there is not such an option, the solution is to switch to a wallet that contains more.

In this article we will review three sizes of wallets : small, medium and large and see which wallet suits you.

Small men's wallets: This group is also divided into 2 smaller groups, the first group are the Small wallets whose job is to hold a number of cards but no free space for banknotes (unless you fold them) and no room for coins, these wallets are very thin and usually also hold for years.

And of course there are leather wallets that are small but more efficient and have room for coins and banknotes. Pay attention to the contents of the wallet, as they are very small and slip easily into a pocket and do not take up much room.

The next size of wallets is Medium: usually these wallets are built to contain a larger mass of paperwork or credit-cards; usually they contain more than 7 cards (hidden and visible) and often comes with two transparent compartments. These wallets are durable and very suitable for people who walk around daily with many cards and money.

Big wallets: These wallets fit men who walk around with many cards, coins, paper and ID card. 

Sometimes the wallet is kept inside a bag and not in a pocket. These wallets have many compartment, and a number of accommodations with zippers.

In conclusion, all we have to do is check what our real needs are and then go select a wallet.