Care And Keeping of Leather June 30 2014

If you have spent your hard earned money on leather items, you know first hand that they are indeed an investment.  The one question we always here, whether our client owns a leather bag, wallet, belt or purse is “What is the best way to care for my leather?”.
This is a great question, because with proper care, your leather item can virtually last forever.  And contrary to popular belief, leather care, cleaning and maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult.  You can care for your leather bag, wallet or purse from the comfort of your own home to ensure that you extend the wear of your leather pieces for years to come. 
Firstly, let’s talk about storage of leather.  This is the most important component of leather care because if your leather item is properly stored, you can extend its life immensely.  You want to make sure that you store your leather investment properly, in an area where the temperature is fair (not extremely hot or cold).  You also want to avoid dryer areas or areas where there as an increased amount of humidity.  Another point worth mentioning is that you want to keep your leather away from places where it can get soaked or wet.  This plays a large role in the maintaining of your leather item.
If your leather does happen to get soiled, you’ll want to know that it is possible to clean and condition it to help it look brand new again.  30 seconds is all it takes for a full leather conditioning and this will also make a large difference in its appearance. Normally you’ll just need a little soap and water after an item gets soiled.  Or if you want to purchase the leather you’ve bought at a thrift store you want to make sure you polish it up.
While you may not think it, leather materials can get stained.  Don’t think your timeless item is ruined though.  Stain removal is possible even on leather items.  In fact, it should come out easily with soap and water applied to the affected area.  What you may not know is that blood, oil and wax in a few cases.  These are just many of the different ways that stains can be removed from leather items. 
Lastly, we’ll be addressing how to eliminate odors from your leather items because leathers can often be prone to picking up and holding onto these odors.  Once they are in, they are stubborn to get out which is why its important to dress them quickly.  What you may want to do is invest in a leather specialist who may be able to help you safely remove the odor without impacting your leather item.  This is the ideal solution for treating odors.  
Remember that, above all, you want to avoid getting your leather soiled, soaked or let it dry out.  Taking the tips suggested above can help you make sure that your leather never reaches such a condition in the first place, thereby maintaining the quality and appearance of your leather item.