A Lesson in Leather November 05 2014

Leather is always in fashion.

Evergreen and timeless.


Whether it’s shoes, accessories, or apparel, leather will always be essential to one’s wardrobe.


Sadly, all leather is not quality.

Many shops and market places take advantage of foam or faux leather and sell them as

real leather goods at huge markups to you the customer.


Foam or faux leather is something that is hard to distinguish from the real thing.


A proper understanding of foam/faux vs real leather goes a long way to making the right

choices when shopping for leather goods.


Basically you have 4 types of leather to choose from:

  1. Full grain
  2. Collected grain
  3. Top grain
  4. Split


We, at www.unitedpslit.com,  always use full grain leather when manufacturing our selection

of leather goods and accessories.


When you shop for leather items, you often face a bewildering array of choices.

Leather's complexity can scare even the most savvy dresser.


That’s we encourage any visitor to our site, www.unitedpslit.com, to contact us with as many questions as you need to ask - the more informed you are, the better your leather shopping experience.


You want to add the everlasting quality of well-crafted leather to your closet.

Leather pieces are essential to a proper wardrobe.


We want you to make the right choices - the first time.

Let us make buying leather simple and easy.


We look forward to hearing from you.