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About Us

United in quality, split in design, United Split is all about the newest urban leather fashions you can't wait to show off. Get used to hearing the "oooos" and "aaaaas" and the deep-inhaling noises of people taking a nose-full of that awesome leather smell. United Split's leather products shoot for simple designs that will still look elegant and cool in two months or two years. Simple never goes out of style, and high-quality construction combined with the finest raw materials means this: that wallet or bag won't be falling to pieces anytime soon. The real stuff lasts – that's true whether you're talking stitching or style. Tough, urban, classy, and affordable – that's how United Split rolls.


From 2009 to right this very second, United Split has served inspired designs for leather wallets, printed bags, leather belts, and bracelets. United Split also rocks belt buckles that run the line from classy to funny to functional: bottle-opener belt buckles designed to crack a beer with minimal fuss, screaming skull guitar buckles, or even a simple latch for upscale gala events, United Split has you covered. High class and low price means your style has no limits. Durable raw materials crafted into the latest urban shapes means the product has no limits either.