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Customer Service

Our Products Warranty

Each product in our chain stores has a warranty, according to the manufacturer, and the products manufactured in our company have a one year warranty. Since each product has a different warranty, our employees have all the relevant information, and they will direct you and help if necessary. The warranty is for repairs, and is only relevant along with receipt, invoice or replacement note.  The warranty for belts includes snaps and significant problems of the leather - the warranty does not cover wear or misuse of the product. The warranty for the wallets includes zippers, snaps, stitching and lining - the warranty does not cover wear or misuse of the product. The warranty for the bags includes zippers, snaps, stitching and lining - the warranty does not cover wear or misuse of the product. The warranty for the belt buckles includes caged defect, the loop that holds the buckle on the belt, or the fragment. If a part of the buckle is removable - no responsibility for the loss. If the customer tried to repair the product himself, the warranty will automatically be cancelled. If the customer is interested in handling the defective products - the warranty is for repairs only. The handling of sent repairs takes between 21 to 30 business days. If the product is shipped or delivered by mail to the correct branch, add another 14 business days - 7 days delivery to the US, and 7 days return shipping.


The Return Is Simple

Want to return a product or send it in for repair? You can give it to any branch of the chain stores, and not only at the branch where it was purchased. If you do not have an option to give it a branch, you are invited to send us the product by mail. Just call us and update our customer service that the product has been sent. You can also send the product by registered mail.

Shipping Tracking Number

Waiting for a shipment from our company? We send everything via registered mail at the post office. If you wish to receive a tracking number and track the shipment yourself, you can contact our customer service between the hours of operation, approximately 2 business days after your order, and will receive the tracking number. You want to send us something and be able to track it? Send by registered mail, and you will get a tracking number. Now all you need to do is log on to the post office website, and start to track it.


Money Back Guaranteed

If you purchased a product on the site and you want to cancel your order, you can contact our customer service via the website, and if the product has not yet been sent to you, we will give you a full refund immediately! If the product has been sent, you can return it to one of the branches, or by registered mail and receive a full refund. If a product is sent by mail, it is important to update our customers service, in order for us to know who to refund the money.


Secure Payment and Protection of Information

The payment on our website is secure and cleared by PAYPAL.  PAYPAL allows you to use a credit card safely. You can pay through PayPal using a credit card without a PAYPAL account. The payment is secure, so there is no access to your personal details at all! Your personal details that we receive are only the details which you enter on this site. Your payment details are entered directly to PAYPAL, so we do not have access to them.   PAYPAL is a secure website that protects its customers, and used by people around the world for purchase and payment!


Packaging and Shipping

Each order and shipment that leaves our offices are packed in their original packaging. We also pack the product in a bubble envelope or both in bubble wrap and a box, depending on the size of the package, in order to receive it without any damage.

Each product sent to you, passes quality control at the highest standards, in order to ensure that the product you receive will be to your satisfaction.


We ship worldwide! So you can feel comfortable ordering delivery to friends or family all around the world.


Ordering a gift? Just add a message while purchasing, and we would wrap up the package as a gift for you!