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Is it safe to enter my credit card details on the site?

When you purchase on this website you enter your credit card information into PayPal. PAYPAL is the secure and safest way to purchase and making payments in the internet today. PAYPAL uses people from all over the world, and is designed to keep the personal details of each customer so that it will not reach foreign hands. Since payment is made by the PAYPAL site you can be completely relaxed and confident. The only details that we receive are the details which are entered on this site while ordering, and not the details entered during the payment.


Is it possible to make a reservation by phone or on the website?

We are establishing our new phone lines now, so within a few weeks you will be able to order by phone!


Is it possible to pack the order as a gift?

Certainly! Please send us the message that you would like to send , and we will do the rest.


Do you ship orders abroad?

Yes, we ship worldwide, Please give us the full address and we will contact you via E-mail to verify the details, the shipping is FREE!


I bought a product online and would like to cancel it

No problem, we'll credit your account, or alternatively you can choose another product.